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February 19, 2018



At Intensiv we are in collaboration with companies that want to make a difference. MINDER Theatre Company, is an organisation that yearns to do just that, below is a description of who they are and there upcoming events.


Minder is a company founded by a group of university students, studying Musical Theatre and Drama and Performance. Our main aim is to reach out to the public and those living with mental health conditions, particularly young males with O.C.D and depression, in order to break down the stigma surrounding O.C.D and the misconstrued assumptions that it only appears in one or two forms.In order to challenge this issue, we are hosting a workshop, run by a local artist Dave Allen on Monday 2nd April from 12-5pm.


Within this workshop participants will have the opportunity to create new work that will be displayed in our final art exhibition that will be held in May. The work can either reflect, the particular condition that the person is living with, or express anything they wish. The workshop has a dual purpose, as it is not only about people meeting to create art and discuss the way in which their life is affected by O.C.D or depression, it is also about a conversation  about absolutely anything. Something as simple as “how has your week been?” could begin a conversation that has the potential to be lifesaving.


Our company is entirely based around creating conversation, and art is the platform that we use to encourage this. This idea of talking being so central to tackling mental health came from my own personal experiences and our newly formed link with Time to Change, an organization that work tirelessly to create conversation within local communities.Working alongside Time to Change, will give us the ability to reach a wider audience, while simultaneously engaging with their expertise and knowledge.



If you would like to find out more about Minder Theatre Co please click their logo below.






"Get Connected, Get Physical, Get Intensiv."

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