Combing VR with a traditional Karaoke Night, ‘Karaoke Twist’ aimed to provide a fun filled evening that raised awareness about terrorism through the use of the companies own research, collecting questionnaires from the public who gave their views on the topic. The fundraiser allowed the local community to come together an enjoy an event anyone could get involved in. Our guests were also invited to try out a series of mobile VR games, with a headset used to aid our market research. 

The Intensiv team had a bake off ROUND 2!

Testing our baking skills, we competed against each other to see who made the best cupcakes. We baked them, sold them and PIED the team player who sold the least in GUILDHALL SQUARE! A fun filled afternoon aimed to raise funds for CHOICE our upcoming Virtual Reality experience. 

The Intensiv team in collaboration with New Dawn Aurora, Minder Theatre Company and Amnesty International; 'Let’s Talk' was aimed to open up discussions over controversial issues, that are pushed aside by society today.

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